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Our Mission Statement

The Quality Policy of Vivid Global Industries Ltd. supports our Mission statement :

  • Promote a quality-in-all-we-do philosophy with a total company effort and commitment to continuous improvement.
Vivid Global Industries Ltd. is committed to QUALITY, ON-TIME DELIVERY and COST-EFFECTIVENESS, and will :

    Provide products and services which meet or exceed customer needs and expectations :
  • Manufacture products which meet customer specifications.
  • Strive to meet customer’s target values.
  • Monitor customer satisfaction.
  • Deliver on-time.
  • Ship on the date required by the customer.
  • Monitor on-time delivery performance.
  • Reduce all costs to the lowest possible level.
  • Establish Cost Reduction Programs.
  • Monitor the Cost of Quality.

Vivid Global Industries Limited is involved in the manufacturing, exports and imports of Dyes and Dye-Intermediates products. We at Vivid Global Industries Limited constantly strive to meet and exceed customer expectations in our on-going quest for excellence.

Mr. Sumish S. Mody
(Managing Director)