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Our Firm's History


Vivid Global Industries Ltd., formerly known as Vivid Chemicals Ltd. and Vivid Exports Ltd., is the flagship company within the Vivid Group of Industries and is an ISO 9001–2008 Certified Public Limited Company actively traded on the Bombay Stock Exchange, earning a reputable name in the Dyes and Dye-Intermediates as well as Speciality Chemicals sector for the past 50 years.

The group was promoted by Mr. Sudhir M. Mody, a Chemical Engineer from the U.S.A., with over 50 years of dedicated experience in Dyes and Dye-Intermediates, the company is currently under the management of Mr. Sumish S. Mody, an MBA graduate from the U.S.A. He serves as the Chairman and Managing Director, overseeing all commercial and financial operations with more than 20 years of expertise in the field. The group, comprising of a strength of 160 well-qualified, experienced, and dedicated staff, who have significantly contributed to the Company's growth. The organization highly values integrity at all levels and fosters innovation, playing a pivotal role in both individual and organizational development.

Having it’s registered office in Tarapur, Maharashtra, India, with its factory in Vapi, Gujarat, Vivid Global Industries Ltd. stands among the largest manufacturers of Dye intermediates, including N.Methyl J.Acid, Phenyl J.Acid, and Rhoduline Acid (Di. J. Acid). Additionally, since April 2016, the company has commenced the production of Tobias Acid and Sulpho Tobias Acid in its Tarapur, Boisar Plant, marking a significant milestone as the first plant of Tobias acid in India.

The company's vision and mission encompass a global perspective, consistently striving to amalgamate top-tier products, cutting-edge technology, and qualified personnel to meet and surpass customer demands. Vivid Global Industries Ltd. is resolute in exceeding customer expectations, with a commitment to customer satisfaction as its primary goal. The company believes in continuous improvement, surpassing established standards, and transcending limitations to achieve growth beyond individual and systemic constraints.

Quality control

The Plant Lab is equipped with the latest technology such as HPLC for strict quality control.

Pollution control

For the consent of Air pollution, the plant has also installed advanced high grade gas scrubber system so that the gases which are evolved during the process of manufacturing is being re-used as raw materials for its products manufactured. We have a zero liquid discharge facility in both our plants.


The Group is proud to announce that almost 90% of the India’s export of Phenyl J.Acid is being done by our Company and 90% of N.Methyl J.Acid exports is also done by our Group.

Company history at a glance

The production operations at our unit are managed by a team of skilled technical engineers with the requisite technical know-how to carry out the production process. It is our consistent research and development efforts in improving the quality of our products that have helped us to meet customer requirements such as quality, prompt delivery commitments and after sales service.

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Mr. Sumish S. Mody - Managing Director

Mrs. Meena S. Mody - Non-Executive Director
Mr. Miten S. Mody - Whole-time Director
Mr. Mahesh Shivram Gharat - Independent Director
Mr. Nitin Anant Zujam - Independent Director
Mr. Nainesh Desai - Independent Director
Compliance Officer :
Mr. Sumiran S. Mody - Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Vivid Global Industries Ltd :

C/o. Sumichem Corporation
1-D Dhannur Building,Sir P.M.Road, Fort
Mumbai-400 001, India
: +91 98193 29896

Registered Office & Factory address :(Unit One) -

D-21/1, MIDC, Tarapur ( Via Boisar), Thane, Maharashtra 401506

Factory address :(Unit Two) -


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